Propositions is an exhibition curated by stephen garrett dewyer and features works by Neal Reinalda, Ding Ren, Glenn Shrum and Elena Volkova at Area 405, a not-for-profit and artist-run gallery in Baltimore, MD.  Propositions exhibits works that investigate the function of propositions.  The absence of spatial qualifications in a proposition means that a proposition locates a placeless space.  A proposition identifies its subject with a space always-already in transition.  Artists in propositions produce works that locate in a liminal, third space of transition from the everyday to the uncanny and vice versa; the application of boundaries to boundless space and vice versa; semblance to dissemblance and vice versa; and, between the interval of light becoming shadow and vice versaPropositions intends to locate works within the present that negate certain ends in occupation.

12 – 3 pm Sundays: Regular gallery hours
Call (410) 528-2101 or email to schedule a visit beyond the regular gallery hours

Press release PDF version

Noonan, Kate. "This is Not a Pipe: group show not really in the place you see it." Review of Propositions, curated by stephen dewyer.  Baltimore Citypaper. 11 March 2009
Ober, Cara. "Photos from Propositions." Review of Propositions, curated by stephen dewyer.  Bmore Art. 22 February 2009. (PDF)
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